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Woman Recreates 15 Hilarious Celebrity Instagram Photos. The Results? Pure Epic

April 15, 2018

Celeste Barbar is back at it again with her hilarious photos. She’s an Australian comedian and she’s been known to recreate celebrities Instagram photos in her own way. It takes what seems untouchable as a celebrity and shows what it would look like if anyone else at all did them. Plus, they’re hysterical.

1. Instagram vs. Reality. A more realistic version of what any of our boobs actually look like.

2. Yeah, no this is totally comfortable. Just hurry up and take the picture before I die.

3. You probably have to be wasting away to pull those ones off without deflating the flamingo.

4. Trust fall.

5. The only thing you can trust is food.

6. Does this actually work in real life? No. No it doesn’t.

7. Who does this? Who genuinely walks around like this?

8. Everyone looks like this every morning trying to turn off the alarm.

9. Every mom does this performance every day.

10. In a few years, this will actually be in fashion.

11. I don’t know what people were thinking when they saw her doing this at the beach.

12. Yep. This is the true picture of a mom.

13. What’s up with celebrities posing nude? Thank goodness for the toilet paper though!

14. I laughed so hard I almost choked.

15. Forget the image, I’m impressed she’s holding the bottle with her toes!

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