Video: The World’s Best Pole Dancer, Anastasia Sokolova

May 9, 2018

Pole dancing has left the strip club scene as has entered into the talent show

Reality Star

Pole dancer turned reality star who gained fame as a finalist on Ukraine’s Got Talent. She is also popular on her self-titled YouTube channel for posting videos of pole dancing performances.


She was inspired to begin pole dancing after she saw someone pole dance in a movie. She is also the owner and designer for Sokolova Brand and Sokolova Dance Studio.

Genuine skills

The world’s best pole dancer as she not only impressed the men but the women were also highly praised worthy of the genuine skills that she possesses on the pole.

Pole dancing

Pole dancing has become a famous form of exercise for many women and it has also become a showcase for artistic expression and high energy management that can be very athletic and very impressive to watch.

Ukraine’s Got Talent
She gained fame competing on Ukraine’s Got Talent. You’ll be stunned by the performance, after watching this video!