May 11, 2018

I am sure you will be amazed to see such a hottest president…

Croatia has got the youngest and the first lady president called Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic`. She might not be as popular as Putin or Obama but she is definitely popular for her looks and sexiness. Many of them do not know how hot she is and people are dying to know more about her. So let us have some insight into her life.

Bold and Beautiful

Kitarovic` is probably the sexiest president in the world. Each and every girl aspires to get curves like her. She is the true inspiration and hottest president. Her pictures say it all. She believes in enjoying her personal life to the fullest along with professional life. She has a very charming personality and one should appreciate it.

Professional and Personal Life Separate

Kitarovic` look completely different while she is working. Her professional attire is classy and completely different from the bikini outfit. She loves to flaunt her bikini look while she is enjoying her personal life. She manages both the lives pretty well. People generally mistake her with Coco Austin.

Beauty with Brain

She is a perfect example of beauty with brain. She has guts to run the nation in this male dominating world. At the same time, she enjoys her private life to the fullest. She is smart, brainy yet attractive and hot. She is also former Minister of European Integration. He also headed a number of governmental positions.

A Complete Package

Along with being a great president, she is a good wife too. She is married to Jakov Kitarovic` and is blessed with 2 kids Katarina and Luka. This hardworking sexy lady is a great wife and mother too. Mr. Kitarovic` is a very lucky man who has such a great partner.

Rocky Road

It was not a smooth journey for Kolinda to become a president. She had to face many challenges before reaching this position. She can inspire many people by not just portraying her sexy side but her hard work and intelligence as well.

It is very true that being bold, beautiful and intelligent is a rare combination to find. Kolinda Kitarovic` is the perfect example. People of Croatia are happy in her presidency sine 2015 now.