These Facts Will Prove That You’ve Been Wrong About Africa All This While

April 23, 2018

Pop culture and Hollywood will have you believe that Africa is an underdeveloped continent – A place where you go to seek a sense of the wild. But the truth couldn’t get any further away from it.

For years Africa has been a place which celebrates its history and its roots and yet it has managed to master growth and economic development. You could say the continent is the best of both worlds. But how much do you know about Africa? Have you been brainwashed by misleading propaganda? Then it’s time you learnt about the real Africa.

1.Africa did not hide itself from technology

Africa is ridiculously misconstrued. The continent did not circumvent modern technology or ignore basic progress. Teenagers use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram just as much as the rest of the world. Every country in every continent has its own set of problems, as does Africa. But that’s no reason to put an entire continent in the underdeveloped and gone-for-good list.

2.Most tech advanced

Did you know that some countries in Africa, especially in South Africa have been statistically proven to be the most technologically advanced in the world. And in the last decade, Africa has seen unthinkable investments and growth in the IT and tech sectors.

3.The drinking water problem

The clean drinking water problem in Africa is no myth. It’s true there are large pockets of the continent where it’s very hard to find potable water. But if you think about it, almost every developing country has this issue in varying degrees. Yes, Africa has faced it for the longest and is still suffering but several other countries face this exact crisis on a daily basis.

4.They do find clean water

There are cities in Africa which have regular access to clean water resources just like any other metro cities. Especially places which are huge tourist spots, have adequate drinking amount of clean drinking water.

5.Africa is dominated by the dictatorship

To say Africa doesn’t have political and socio-cultural troubles would be a lie. Africa has deep governmental issues,but the continent is not ruled by tyrants or total fascists. Every developing country has the problem of fragmentation and often democracy is not followed through. But to think Africa is totally dominated by a totalitarian head is very wrong.

6.White people have a hard time in Africa

Considering Africa’s dark colonial history, people often think that Africa hasn’t forgotten it’s past and any white-skinned person has a difficult time there as they are hated and subjected to hostility. But it’s important to note that that is absolutely not true and people there have obviously moved on. That’s also one of the reasons why Africa is such a sought after tourism destination globally.

7.The problem of hunger

Africa has been misjudged for its food crisis. Just like any other developing nation Africa too has people below the poverty line who starve. But Africa’s food crisis is nowhere as problematic as mainstream media would have you believe. Yes there are regions in Africa which see a crisis in food and resources but that is also the case in most developing nations, from India to Myanmar. Labelling South Africa as the only one is a mistake.

8.The political extremities

No one outside Africa seems to know the extent or the actual details of Africa’s political struggle. The continent has been politically torn for a century now and has its cultural differences and democratic issues but it’s nowhere close to what people are led to believe.

9.Only one language

The biggest misunderstanding about Africa is that people think the people in the continent mainly communicate in one language. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The continent boasts of several cultures and languages. While Swahili is the most widely spoken language, Amharic is the second most spoken language.

10.Epidemics are common

Headlines about Ebola and malaria outbreaks often have most people thinking that Africa is the place where every epidemic begins. That is not true. Yes there are pockets in Africa which have seen a steady rise in diseases and chronic illnesses but that is owing to abject living conditions and poverty. And that’s hardly the issue for all of Africa. Regular medical tests are often arranged by the government to keep diseases in check.

11.Most Africans are poor

It’s a common notion that Africa is the land of poverty. Africa is a developing continent, and its economy is on a steady rise. In the last century not only has Africa seen a phenomenal growth in infrastructure but took tremendous strides in development, healthcare and education.

12.The tourism of Africa

Africa has made its name as one of the most bankable tourism destinations. With mountains, forests and wildlife, Africa remains a total package for any traveller.

13.The land of adventure sports

Did you know Africa is a haven for adventure lovers? Adventure sports are a huge attraction for the continent, and one that’s fetching a lot of money for locals. From crocodile cage diving to sand boarding you can do it all.

14.The scientific development

Did you know Africa has taken tremendous strides in the field of science? From STEM fields to research scholars, the continent is making a global contribution to the global scientific community.

15.Africa Science Week

Last year in June the first ever Africa Science Week was hosted in Malawi. It was a tremendous move to encourage the African youth to be more curious and passionate about scientific research and pursue higher education in STEM fields.