Miracle Baby Born 23 Weeks Premature Has Brain Visible Through Skin Yet Survives

April 24, 2018

Premature babies aren’t exactly uncommon but every once in a while a weird incident happens to some unfortunate couple. A premature child is the parent’s worst nightmare and a constant traumatic source of worry for a mother. Even though medical science has come a long way, it still has to fight against the crucial timing in which a baby either survives or succumbs to their condition.

1.The miracle baby whose brains could be seen through her skull

But what is heartening to know is that there are incidents also which doctors may feel are hopeless cases but end up on a positive note with some little tykes fighting to survive like one little baby who was born so premature that even the baby’s brains were visible through the skin of her skull.

2.Doctors felt she needed to be aborted

The one-factor doctors use to determine abortions are the odds of survival of a fetus. Invariably where a fetus could survive, it sometimes has its life snuffed out without giving it a fighting chance. But this was not to be the fate of little Hailie Dillon.

3.Miracle baby

Hailie Dillon could be called a miracle baby who was born just a day before the abortion limit set in the UK. The little girl was so tiny her brain could be seen through the skin covering her skull.

4.Born with a collapsed lung

Hailie weighed only 1Lb 2 oz and was also suffering from a collapsed lung. Just after being born, she didn’t even breathe for seven whole minutes. Hailie was kept in the hospital for 18 days which was an agonizing wait till mom Cheri price 22 could hold her or take her home.

5.She looked like a little red alien

Hailie Dillon was born on February 23, 2017 at St James Cook Hospital in Middleborough England. Her mom Cheri is from the Isle of Wight and the first thought that cropped into her mind when she saw her daughter was that “she looked like a little red alien” “She was still in the fetus stage and she didn’t look like a baby at all – we couldn’t believe she even survived,” Said Cherie who has three other kids.

6.Born 23 weeks premature

Hailie was born just 23 weeks premature and mom Cherie was told by doctors at their local hospital in the Isle of Wight that she wouldn’t be viable at 20 weeks which would make her a case of late miscarriage. It was then that Cheri, who never gave up hope, traveled 300 miles to Darlington where they even had family to support them. Cherie was then admitted to St James Cook hospital in Middleborough where Hailie was born.

7.Contractions too early

Cherie’s contractions began in January and because it was too early, her local hospital at the Isle of Wight was not equipped for such a premature case. It was then that her boyfriend Timothy Dillon whom she shares an 11-month-old son with drove her to his brother’s family in Darlington where she could get help.

8.She gave birth two weeks later

In spite of her contractions, Cherie gave birth to Hailie two weeks later. She said “From birth, she was put in an incubator and we couldn’t touch her – but we could see all the veins of her brain through her red skin.”

9.Her eyes were infused together

Hailie was so premature that she had not fully developed in the womb. Her eyes were infused together when she was born. She also risked losing her sight because her retina too was yet to develop. She was diagnosed with stage three Retinoplasty of prematurity or ROP.

10.They lived in the hospital staff quarters

Hailie was born with a collapsed lung and had to be resuscitated on delivery. During their ordeal, Cherie and Timothy spent three months living in the staff quarters of the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough. Slowly they watched little Hailie grow stronger each day.

11.Release day finally

Hailie was finally released on June 19th, 2017 and went home with her proud parents. The little girl had survived her ordeal and proved quite the little fighter. Cherie said that Timothy and she have agreed not to have any more kids. (That’s great!! Considering they now have four!!) “Hopefully next year he can treat me to somewhere away from hospitals.” Said Cherie.

12.The little fighter is a year old

Hailie is now a year old and has been considered by parents and doctors alike as a miracle baby. Cherie proud of her little stalwart said, “I’m so proud of her, what we’ve been through and what she has been through has been horrendous.”