May 6, 2018

How many times does it happen that we try something, but it doesn’t exactly go our way? That’s a clear example of how life is unpredictable. The whole concept of life is so complicated and fragile that anything can happen in the next second. As much as life is unpredictable, it is unfair too. And many times, it just gets too much and leaves us deeply infuriated. But there is nothing that we can do about it other than making a laugh about it and telling ourselves – “Better luck next time.”

But then again, there is no denying that seeing images like these do feel funny and make us thank god that we’re not having a day as bad as these people.

Check these out and feel the subtle cringe as you surf through these images.

The fork skinny dipping in the soup

That annoying moment when your fork slips into the liquid, and you have to say goodbye to your clean fingers.

2.Cutesy Illustrations Showing The Daily Humdrums Of Life After Marriage

This would be a constant struggle between the photo frame and the photograph itself.

“I’m not ‘tire-d’ anymore.”

On the bright side, the owner got two crates for free!

“Total rip-off!”

“Follow the instructions,” they said. “That’s the proper way to do it,” they said.

The boob-swap.

That awkward moment when your man-boobs are bigger than the girl’s, standing right next to you.

Let this sink in for a minute.

A design fail that you’ll regret for the rest of your life.

This isn’t as easy as it looks.

When you are all optimistic, but life has other plans for you.

… And not the good kind!

That awkward moment when your friend got your share of curves as well.


that awkward moment when your friend got your share of curves as well.

That tug of discomfort.

Imagine that you are rushing to your office in the morning, and this is what your seat belt is up to.

There is no wafer in the “wafer” bar.

Although whoever eats KitKat like that, deserved to face this.

Where would the butter go?

This is exactly how I would feel to find a bread loaf like this – empty inside.

Believe it or not, this is a ‘window’ seat.

When you have evening plans, that are unclear AF!

When you wash your hands in winters, but your sweater keeps some water to torture you later.

When your life is so fallen apart, that even the binding clips don’t align right.

So, I guess there’s no slam dunkin’.

When someone’s guiding you to the right direction, but you’re still confused.

“Just a sprinkle of Chilli Flak— … NVM”

When life says: “F*ck You”!

When life says:

There are people who shouldn’t be allowed to shop!

And there are people who shouldn’t be allowed on public transport.

“It’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

No… It’s not. First off, it’s so long. And secondly, it’s not even the right spelling. I am confused if this is a genius move or a d*ck move.

No one ever wants a sub like that.

You know your luck is running out when your Blueberry muffin doesn’t have any blueberries.

The table design didn’t exactly align the way they hoped for.

But at least it makes up for Harry Potter’s mark.

Neither does my life seems to be sitting perfectly, nor do the knobs of my wardrobe.

This pic is screaming “something BAD is about to happen.”

Size does matter

How can life be THIS unfair?

I find it infuriating when a dozen of eggs has 12, universally. But my fridge takes 11 at a time.

When nothing is going right in your life.

Or when the water stream is so close to the inner sink surface

… Or just too far away.

“You shall not pass!”

Where is my number?

“If only I had recorded the chain of events.”

Brains: 99 | Luck: 0

This guy first ordered a baguette from the vending machine. When it got stuck, he ordered the juice to make it fall on the baguette. Clearly, it didn’t work, either.

Don’t you just love it when your eraser functions as a pencil?

This crack in the straw is a bad omen for whatever drink I was gonna enjoy with this.

You had one job!

A well-planned road, indeed.

That’s all, folks.