20 Photos Of One In A Million Coincidences That Totally Defy Logic

April 23, 2018

Sometimes we encounter things that totally blow our mind and most of the times those things are one-in-a-million coincidences, which make us believe that this world is really a weird place. Even though most of these coincidences defy logic and reasoning, we still love to look at those every once in a while so that we keep believing in the existence of miracles. Such moments can be funny, or odd or even totally unbelievable, and we have created a list of 20 such coincidences that are going to blow your mind:

1.Cosplay at its cutest

I can imagine the excitement on the face of this little boy when he must have seen how he is looking just like that installation on the roadside. And only one word comes to my mind: ADORABLE!

2.Doppelganger found

The dragonfly must have felt a connection here and so it landed perfectly to mirror its image on the foot of this girl.

3.What do we say?

That road sign looks like it has been put up quite intentionally so as to make a mockery of the drivers’ abilities.

4.What a match!

Okay, this is that one time when the world can excuse a student for wasting his time in a class. Truly, such coincidences don’t happen so often!

5.Hey, that’s me!

This kitty is as amused as we all are, for the similarity is truly amazing here, even with that surprised look on the face!

6.Who is wearing which color?

This is quite an astonishing combination of the same hues on opposite genders sitting right next to each other in a restaurant which is otherwise empty. It looks like that the Universe actually conspired so that this moment could be captured.

7.No way!

You’ve got to be kidding me! This was really my first reaction when I saw this picture. I mean how do such similarities arise? Are they sisters or what?

8.Find me…

This is one of the best camouflages I have seen in a long time. But, I am still awestruck at the coincidence levels here.

9.Bushy tires!

I can imagine how shocked the owner of the car must have felt after noticing this from a distance. It looks like someone just took the tires and placed these perfectly shaped bushes.

10.The name on the highway

Capturing of such moments truly make us feel that weird things keep happening all around us. How else do we explain this miraculous placement of these two trucks on the same highway at the exact time?

11.From where did the original inspiration come?

I really want to know how this happened! Was it an intentional decision or just one of those one in a million coincidences that blow our mind? I hope it’s the former.

12.Someone accepted the challenge

The advertising agency must have got the scare of their life when they must have noticed this. To be true, it’s quite funny though!


Okay, so we all now know where exactly our resumes go. This one actually hurts a lot… don’t you think?

14.And they know nothing…

These players must have had a hearty laugh after watching this photograph. At least, this one time they all had amazing legs.

15.Officially blown-away!

This picture has literally left us speechless and I feel it is actually just better that we don’t say anything here.

16.And then some girls say…

That we are just not like all the other girls out there! I too am a girl and I would like to say that we all like to follow trends and if that is the case, then we should also accept that we like what everybody else likes. That’s what makes trends in the first place, so why the hesitation?

17.Look carefully

This poor anchor must have had the shock of his life after the broadcast. Though what I really want to know is whether the channel pulled off the story immediately or kept it running for the sake of higher ratings at the stake of the anchor.

18.Reincarnation of sorts!

This is when a guy ran into someone looking so much like Vincent Van Gogh that we cannot even believe our eyes. Too much to handle!

19.Subway scenes

I have one question here, is there a mirror in between? So much of resemblance that it hurts the eyes and the brain!

20.Spot the real drink…

The amount of fizz in the mixture that is not the drink is mind boggling. If one would just go by logic, then they may even drink that cleaner. Thank God for the placement of bottles here!