20 of The Deadliest Animals That Can Mess Up Humans Within Minutes

April 22, 2018

The world is home to deadly predators and animal many of which we are unaware of. Some of them live in the ocean and some live on land. Some you may know and some you may not simply because they aren’t highlighted. Here are 20 of the world’s deadliest animals you wouldn’t want to be close to.

1.The Blue Ring Octopus

This little guy is just the size of a golfball but he is deadly enough to kill 26 people in a few minutes. The worst part is that his bite is painless and people don’t realize they have been bitten till they are almost paralyzed; their eyes stop functioning and their muscles shut down.

2.Brazilian Wandering Spider

Don’t mess with this tiny guy. He doesn’t just kill you he humiliates you much like applying a cruciatus curse from the world of Harry Potter. One bite makes your heart beat slow down, you can expect convulsions, hypothermia and get this!! A hard as rock painful erection that won’t go away.


Death by hyenas is a nasty way to die as these animals hunt in packs and will literally tear and rip their rip to pieces even while it is breathing.

4.Golden Dart Frog

This frog doesn’t bite or sting. Just touching it can kill you because its skin has a poisonous coating that can kill 10 men at a time.

5.Marbled Cone Snail

They look beautiful and tempting to pick up but if you make that mistake, its harpoon-like razor sharp teeth will bite you and you may have just enough time to smoke a cigarette before you die which is why it’s called a cigarette snail.


This is the most dangerous bird on earth. It is huge and its talons are deadly. It can disembowel you easily and won’t hesitate to attack if not fed. They are known to frequent beaches and homes in search of food in Northeastern Australia, Papua and New Guinea.

7.Bullet Ant

These aren’t just ordinary ants one bite from a bullet ant is almost like a gunshot. There will be a wave of pain rushing through your body.

8.Deathstalker Scorpion

The poisonous scorpion on earth. Once it stings you, there will be fluid buildup in your lungs and you will ultimately stop breathing.

9.Saw-Scaled Viper

This deadly Viper is found in Sri Lanka and India. One of the deadliest in the Asian subcontinent their bite kills thousands every year.


It is ugly as it is dangerous. Spines on the fish body are actually filled with poison that once injected will cause cardiac arrest and death in 24 hours.

11.Box Jellyfish

Poison with pain is the mantra of the box jellyfish. If it gets hold of you with its tentacles, you will feel as if your body is being showered with acid. The pain lasts for days and weeks.

12.Inland Taipan

Meet the world’s most poisonous snake. It is fifty times more toxic than the King Cobra. You will have only 30 minutes to live once this snake bites you.


It may not be that deadly alive as it is dead. If you catch and cook a puffer wrongly, you’ll be dining on gourmet poison which is why it kills almost 20-40 people every year.

14.Great White Shark

This guy needs no introduction as the deadliest predator of the oceans and seas. The great white has a jaw with more power than 14 men and can kill a human with ease.

15.The Champawat Tigress

The Champawat Tigress was history’s deadliest man-eating animal ever to have lived. It was in the late 19th century that this Bengal tiger species killed and ate 436 people before being shot by famous man-eating Tiger Hunter and conservationist Jim Corbett.


Don’t be fooled, these guys can be deadly and can even attack. Hippos kill almost 500 people every year mostly in Africa.

17.Saltwater Crocodile

Here is another deadly predator that walks the earth. Saltwater crocs kill almost 1000 people every year. Thiers is the second most powerful jaws among animals possessing the same power as a great white.

18.Ascaris Roundworm

Harmless when in front of you, but when these critters get t invade your body, they can multiply and travel right up to the lungs, filling your intestines and guts. Ascaris roundworms infestations kill almost 4,500 people every year.

19.Tsetse Fly

Not a predator but real bloodsucker and responsible for viruses and outbreaks that kill thousands of people at a time. Responsible for spreading disease throughout Africa, the Tsetse fly causes infection resulting in the deaths of almost 300,000 people each year. The infection makes you feel as if you are going mad before attacking the brain causing death.

20.Posion dart Frog

This is another deadly frog that inhabits South and Central America. Its glands contain a toxin called Batrachtoxin which can be fatal by blocking nerve signals resulting in paralysis and death.