20 Disappointing Pictures Will Make You Think More About Recycling Everything!

May 7, 2018

Recycling plastic is always a good idea. Though the world has realized about what plastic is doing to our environment it has still not taken recycling seriously!
Plastic Waste

Turtle Trapped In Plastic Waste.

This Koala Lost Her Home
Oil spill

Bird In Oil Spill

Penguins bathed in oil

Stork Trapped In Plastic
Java (Indonesia)

A Wave Full Of Trash In Java (Indonesia), The World’s Most Populated Island
Looking For Recyclable Plastic Bags

This kid Spends Each Morning Looking For Recyclable Plastic That He Can Sell For 35 Cents Per Kilo To Help His Family
A river in India

Polluted Water In India
Fuyuan County

Stream In Fuyuan County, Yunnan Province

Smog In Beijing, Where Small-Particle Pollution Is 40 Times Over International Safety Standard
Mexico Cit

20 Million Inhabitants
Polluted Reservoir, Pingba

The kid swims through the pollution.


Landscape Full Of Garbage In Bangladesh.
River Zhugao

Heavily Polluted River, Zhugao, Sichuan Province
Landfill In Accra (Ghana)

Electronic Rubbish Usually Ends Up In Third-world Countries
Yangtze River

Garbage-strewn Beach In Mumbai.
Gulf Of Mexico, April 2010

Fire At Oil Platform In Gulf Of Mexico
Dry ‘river’ In Northern Bali

During the rainy season the Plastic washes out of the Sea.
Kochin, India

Plastic waste!