18 Trending Photos On The Internet

April 18, 2018

Idiocracy is spread around the internet like ants and here we have a compilation of trending photos on the internet.

Like a boss!

He is holding that crocodile tail as it is a toy!


Police deputy? Whatever!

Why Would he he do that?

It’s freezing man! Get outta there!


This, both, confuses and disgusts me!

Meth house?

There is a whole meth house board! Wow, bravery man!

Lucky girl!

Typical Jack Sparrow, isn’t it?

Perfect snowman!

That evolved quickly!

Look at those legs!


This is weird!

This is why you shouldn’t get a tan!

Lucky minions!

She is ruining innocent minions minds!

I like the print!

Ha Ha, she’s a realist!


Is this a warning?

Fashion disaster!

This is a big fashion fail!

The best face-swipe ever!

This is genius! I, in fact, love this edit!

How tf?

I wonder how they managed to do this?


I wonder what happened next

Rackstar snowman!

Rocking the winters, baby!

A wannabe!

Did she really?