16 Non-Obvious Facts About Australia That Will Intrigue You

May 9, 2018

If you think you know everything about Australia you are wrong!

Australia Summed Up

Number one enemy is the sun. Locals to Austrailia are very scared of the sun. The UV-index here is 10 times higher than in Europe which means that after a 30-minute walk under the sun, you can get a sunburn or even worse, skin cancer. Too dangerous fact to start with!

It’s not what it looks like!

A giant dying jellyfish!

Pythons are scary indeed!

A python eating a bat!

They are so huge!

Horseshoe crabs!

Snowy Mountains

The Australian mountains are icier than Switzerland

UGG boots

UGG boots were invented here!


Austrailian roads are long and boring and so there are funny signboards put up!


Every fourth citizen in Australia is an immigrant!

Such advantage!

If you have a huge family of 4 or even 5 children, then you can get an allowance to actually stop working. The organization that pays the allowance does it for children who are younger than 16 and sometimes even 19 years old.

Barbeque spots

There are barbeque spots in almost every park

Giant sculptures!

There are 150 giant sculptures across the country. Giant statues of animals, food, and other different objects which are placed along roads attract the attention of tourists who want to travel to these places to at least get a selfie with this cultural phenomenon.

Plastic notes

Since 1988, the Australian bills have not been made of paper but of the special plastic, polymer. Even though plastic money is more difficult to produce, they stay in good condition for a longer time.

Fact: If you tear a ten-dollar bill into two parts, you can use both halves as two five-dollar bills.

If you miss voting, you’ll be fined!

If you are already 18 years old and missed an election without good reason, you will have to pay a fine costing anywhere from $20 to $50.

No tips

Local tips don’t leave tips.

No Kangaroo meats!

Almost no one eats kangaroo meat.

Too lazy to pronounce words

Australians make nicknames for everything! “Aussie” which is short for Australian, is what they call themselves