15 Shocking Images That Prove Why There Is Nothing Happy About Earth Day

April 23, 2018

Tomorrow the 22nd of April 2018, the world will be celebrating earth day as usual. But why the hypocrisy. As humans we are slowly strangling our planet and killing off our wildlife just so we can post a selfie with a dead giraffe head, we choke our oceans with plastic and then wish everyone on social media “happy earth day”. This is what earth day is truly all about and till we come to terms with what we are doing to our beautiful planet, earth day will never be something to celebrate about.

1.It is Seal Clubbing Season In Canada

And here we are celebrating earth day with the blood of thousands of baby seals clubbed to death. Even India officially declared a ban on Canadian seal imports this month April 2018. Yet when will Canada wake up.

2.The Caribbean is Slowly Being Choked

This photograph was clicked by professional photographer Caroline Power of a huge area of the Caribbean covered in plastic waste even as it floated towards the neighbouring Cayos Cochinos Marine reserve.

2.Mother Cries Over Her Baby

This photograph went viral last year when an Indian photographer Avinash Lodhi clicked it on the spot. It appears that the mother monkey is crying out in pain at the lifeless baby who collapsed possibly out of the searing heat which is rising in India. Global warming is taking its toll on our wildlife. Thankfully the little guy was revived a bit later.

3.Mother Polar Bear With Her Cub on Stranded Drifting Ice

Sumer melting of ice is happening faster than expected and experts have predicted a steady decline in sea ice which could threaten the existence of Polar bears.

5.Daytime Smog In Delhi And China

Countries are slowly experiencing worse conditions of daytime fog and smog making air unbreathable. Delhi, India witnessed horrible smog conditions in winter 2017.

6.The Breaking of The Larsen Ice Shelf

Mid July 2017 saw the breaking of the largest ever iceberg known to man which broke off the Larsen ice shelf on the Antarctic. This has exposed waters covered with thick ice for 120,000 years. Though it provides avenues for geology studies, it is something to be alarmed about as even more icebergs are breaking away from the ice shelf.

7.Now Giraffes Are on Verge of Extinction

This is a photo of trophy hunter Aryanna Gourdin notorious for her exploits of killing animals and posing with them on social media, this website carried an article on extinction of giraffes read here.

8.We Have Driven the Northern Rhino To Extinction

With the death of Sudan the last Northern African white Rhino, this species will soon be extinct as only two females are left alive on the planet. The Western black black rhino already went extinct in 2011.

9.Only 3200 Tigers Live in the Wild

Rampant poaching in India and parts of Asia of this beautiful animal has reduced its numbers to only 3200 wild tigers left. There are an estimated 7000 living in captivity. The demand for tiger skin and body parts by countries like China for making traditional medicine is what fuels the trade.

10.Tell the Children In Syria Its Earth Day

You can well imagine their answer, earth doesn’t exist for them.

11.Another Seal Gets to Celebrates Its Last Day on Earth

When will Canada Stop

12.The Second Most Polluted River in the World

Even as Indian conservationists are trying to fight tooth and nail against polluting the country’s holiest river, the trash just keeps piling up. A study revealed that the Ganga is now the second most polluted river in the world. While China’s Yangtze tops the list, the Ganga is responsible for 115, 000 tonnes of plastic waste spewed into the world’s oceans. However, it must be noted that various state governments have started the “Clean Ganga Campaign” with technological help from countries like Belgium.

13.Faroe Island Whale and Dolphin Killing 2017

Last year in summer volunteers from the ocean conservation group “Sea Shepherd Global” posed as tourists to document the incessant and barbaric Killing of whales and Dolphins in hundreds at Faroe Islands in Denmark. Like Canada’s traditional murder of seals, this too is a so-called tradition held every year.

14.Swans in Amsterdam forced to Build nest in Garbage

Amsterdam’s canals aren’t what they seem; here you can see a swan has even laid her eggs in garbage.

15.Greenpeace Sculpture Sums up Earth Day

In various parts of the world, whales have been found dead washed ashore with tons of garbage in their stomachs. This is a realistic piece of art done by Greenpeace Philippines and showcased on the beach of Naic Town, Cavite Philippines proving how plastic pollution is wreaking havoc on our oceans. Please share this article to create more awareness till we can truly celebrate the earth.