15 Of The Worst Things Flight Attendants Have To Deal With In The Sky

April 18, 2018

We think flight attendants have a very fancy job. But that’s not true. Their job is as hard as it can get. The things that they have to go through on air can sometimes be horrendous. Take a look…

Flying tempers

Temper of the people on board can get worse than the temper of your partner sometimes. The news has been littered with incidents of flight attendants trying to restrain disruptive passengers.

Leaving Trash

Leaving trash in the seat back-pocket is one of the worst thing flight attendants ever come across. They simply hate it!

Ordering With Headphones On

Okay, people need to understand one thing. Whenever they speak with their headphones on, they tend to be really loud. And when people mid air do this, it becomes really annoying for the attendant.

Walking Barefoot

Walking inside the plane barefoot is just disgusting.

On Other’s Arm Rest

Some annoying passengers have this habit of putting their feet on other passenger’s arm rest. Such people need to go back to school and learn manners! Flight attendants are the ones who have o handle this later!

Poking the flight attendant

This is a strict NO NO for every flyer!

Using the bathroom just before landing

This is another foolish thing to do! Just foolish!

Germ Sharers

There are flyers who like to sneeze openly without any protection.


There are people who love reclining their seats and then there are people who hate to be behind the reclined seat. Who has to bear the brunt? Flight attendants!

Fan Boys

When fan boys meet their favorite celebrity on board, they create immense ruckus that is difficult to handle.

Toilet Hoggers

There are people who love to enter the loo but hate to exit. And they are not even with any company inside!

Hook Ups…

Let’s just say that whatever you do inside or outside the bathroom, flight attendants know it!

Confused Passengers…

There are passengers who are just unsure of what they want. They just don’t know what to order!

Overhead Bin Misusers…

Come all of us have seen people who misuse the overhead bins!

Letting toddlers and small children cry

Such parents are the worst!