May 5, 2018

Our modern-day society has seen a lot of change as the normal evolution takes place. The idea of going forward and making the civilization into a running wheel of high-class technology has it’s own side effects that we normally seem to ignore. But the artist of today has set the bar of making a voice to bring out these anomalies into the big picture and it’s pretty awesome.

An illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina, named Al Margen, creates drawings of the modern society highlighting the problematic issues and flaws of the present age. His pieces are quite innovative and show us the reality in an artistic way. It’s like he shows us the mirror image of the ugliness and reality that we often try to surpass.

Here is his amazing artwork, enjoy the irony-filled illustrations.

1. The to-do list that never ends.

2. To carve the reality on a face.

3. Trust me you’re in good hands.

4. Television will only feed us lies in our brains.

5. The webs of eyes that will never leave you.

6. The internet that has destroyed all childhood.

7. The heart that only breaks us.

8. The easiest stairs that lead nowhere.

9. The recycle madness.

10. The politics of industrialist.

11. The music that reflects less of originality.

12. Deep in the business.

13. The charge of reality.

14. The money that we let it be the death of us.

15. When music can’t tame us.