14 Priceless Personality Traits No One Is Able To Resist

April 27, 2018

In any relationship, it is the small things in life that matter most. Mindful little expressions of caring and a personality that is positive goes a long way in keeping a partner attracted and secure with you. Every person wants their partners to possess good personality traits that don’t require one to bring down the moon. Here are 14 personality traits that are simply irresistible.


Let’s face it; while there are times we may find a partner in tears about small things cute initially, in the long term of the relationship, it isn’t so. A self-sufficient person will never live according to the ideals of others, they don’t depend on others to make decisions and never throw responsibilities onto their partners. Rather than lose their character into the relationship, they build up their own identity with their own plans and aspirations.

A self-sufficient partner is a secure one

Everyone has their own tensions and although partners who care about each other do help in sorting out the problem for one another, it’s nice to have a confident self-sufficient partner who does not put an additional burden on you.


Honesty is one of the biggest personality traits appreciated in any relationship. It can be frustrating to learn the truth of any incident or even feelings later in the relationship. Honest people do not fear speaking the truth. They are also honest and sincere to themselves which is why it is easy and enjoyable to have such people around you. Life becomes so much simpler than having to manage complex emotions that create tension in the relationship.

Honest people won’t betray you

An honest partner will always have a conscience which is why you will never be betrayed. Such people can also be dependable and relied upon at all times. This is a priceless virtue of character if found in your partner.


A solid relationship is built on trust and it becomes important to be trusted in small and big things. When there is no trust, a relationship falls apart which is why this too is a priceless trait to be found in a partner. Mistrust can even make a relationship toxic where the victim might be controlled at all times. A relationship is meant to make you feel secure and cared for and trust is one ingredient of a happy relationship.


It is very important for a partner to be interested in you or rather both partners to be interested in each other. When interest lives on in a relationship, the spark of romance never dies and is kept alive. A partner who is interested in you will flirt with you, text you intimate messages and even have small surprises arranged for you. What more could anyone ask for if a partner displays such loving traits. It makes a partner feel appreciated and valued.


A partner who is sensitive to your feelings and to be able to share the beauty of the world with you. When someone is willing to share a beautiful sunrise with you or wake up with you and give you a cuddle, that’s the kind of person you would want to hug and love and also spend the rest of your life with.


Not every person can express empathy. It is our fast-paced lifestyles that make us live selfish lives and we often lose the ability to empathize with one another. A partner who empathizes with your moments of sadness or disappointments is a gem who should be appreciated likewise.

7.Supportiveness is a huge personality trait

You may want to join a dancing class or even a fitness class but your partner disagrees thinking you don’t need such things in life. Now the opposite situation where a partner supports you wholeheartedly would definitely make you love the person even more.

Support builds confidence

Everyone appreciates being supported through life. It is extremely important to be in a relationship with a partner who will support you like a rock even when you are in trouble. A supportive partner is always on your side regardless of the situation. Such a personality trait builds up your own confidence and strengthens the relationship.


When a partner can remain loyal to you despite life’s temptations lurking in every social situation that is a partner you’d want to spend life with. Fidelity lies at the base of every strong relationship and this I one quality that can make a partner extremely attractive. In fact, it is a blessing.

9.A sense of humor

No one wants a comedian who cracks jokes every minute but nobody likes a grumpy sourpuss either. A partner with a sense of humor can do much to spice up the relationship with happy moments that can diffuse the emotional negativity from work and stress.

It is easier to love a partner with a sense of humor

A sense of humor is indicative of intellect. A clever and witty partner can make life’s moments more bearable. Even fights and arguments are tempered down and diffused easily. This is one personality trait that is also irresistible.


Patience is a virtue, and there is no other god gifted virtue than patience. The art of patience is understanding that people do get late, they may have been facing obstacles that prevented them being on time. Rather than snap, a patient partner will see the positive side of the situation and that is the most beautiful aspect of any personality. Patience can work miracles for a relationship.


A pessimist isn’t good for a relationship. No one wants a bubbly dancing girl or man jumping for joy at every situation but being practically optimistic induces security and confidence in a partner. Being with an optimistic partner makes life’s little problems seem insignificant and that’s really good for mental health.


A partner who gives you a warm kindhearted smile every morning or when you return home from work is the best. A kind partner is a forgiving one who does not hold grudges and snaps overt trifling matters. Such people are compromising and a real treasure. If you know how to be kind to your partner, you will be extremely appreciated for life.


Last but not the least love!! It’s important to feel love and if you can love your partner unconditionally, you will be treasured. A loving partner isn’t afraid to express his love in subtle and caring ways. You would definitely appreciate a partner who won’t just love you but will show they want to be with you all the time.

14 Passion and companionship

A partner who enjoys a bit of camaraderie and involves themselves in the pursuits of the other partner is much appreciated in any relationship. Much like support, a bit of fun, passion and frivolity in mutual activities lightens and makes a relationship happy.