11 Of The World’s Most Funniest Engineering Fails

May 11, 2018

The job of a Civil Engineer is one of the loudest forms of all engineering streams. What they make is always can be seen and lived-in for many years. You might have seen many marvelous works done by civil engineers in the past, but today we compiled a list of few fails that will surely leave you baffled.

Stuck In The Middle

This looks so bad that while being at the final stage of the task you get stuck in the middle with no clues in hand.

Safest Place For Vehicles

This is probably one of the safest places to park your vehicles! I’m sure if any thief ever thinks of stealing the car, he would have to bring the crane.

Safe ATM Installation

Every bank should follow this innovative way of ATM installation so as to avoid chances of theft.

Stairs To The Ceiling

I don’t know what was in the mind of the engineer who has designed these unique stars going straight to the ceiling.

Cost-Cutting Toilet

Do you really think that this half toilet installation would help you save some extra bucks while designing your house?

Useless Design

This zigzag design of stairs might look fancy but according to me, it’s of no use.

Pole In The Mid

I think the idea of having this pole in the middle is really gonna save your space from unknown parking trouble.

Only Short People Are Allowed Here

This although looks perfectly designed escalator but a man with normal height can’t use it or else he/she has to bend in half to go up or down.

Wacky Races

I don’t think any train would pass through this track. Why would anyone risk so much, isn’t it?

Incomplete Pathway

There is no doubt that this pathway has been designed for physically challenged people, but why the engineer has ended it in between?

Club There Or Not?

It seems as if an exclusive club in the town is no more available or if it is, then where is the entry door?