10 Reasons Why Women Get Frustrated While Shopping

May 9, 2018

It’s a nightmare for any girl to get a disaster out of internet shopping. You order something and you get a worse version of that beautiful dress you’ve been eyeing on. This compilation explains just why you get frustrated while shopping.
Thin material ruins your look

White dresses look cool until everyone start to laugh at you when that transparency ruins your look. What was she thinking when she was heading out of her house?

Fake pockets are a waste

A really bad deal. Like I get so frustrated when I couldn’t carry my things in mu pocket. What your use, pocket?

Shorts and long pants cost the same

Why would i want to pay more for less clothes?

Finding shorts that cover your glorious butt

Mission Impossible! seriously!

Bikinis and swim suits are costly

So little cloth and yet so much money. I wonder why they price them so much? They just cover your private parts, that is it!

One size fits all is a lie

Why the hell would they lie to us, and how the heck are we convinced to believe this?

Strapless dresses

Seriously, this is so frustrating. They don’t have straps and they keep moving away from its place every freaking time.

Yoga pants or stockings?

These yoga pants are so transparent they look like stockings.

Bodycon dresses

A tight little dress looks sexy but only till you struggle while sitting and standing up again.

Boob fit

It is really frustrating when you can’t fit in a shirt only because of your boobs.