10+ Popular Cities That Can Be Dangerous For Tourists

April 25, 2018

We only get one chance to live our lives to the fullest. Some of us focus on our career and try to make a difference in the world; others choose to raise a family and build a legacy, and some people try to do both. But there are those who believe traveling the world is their purpose in life.

Travelling the world can really bring a sense of humility to a person. Seeing and interacting with different cultures and different lifestyles can open the eyes of an individual and make them see that there is more to this world than money and material things. But as beautiful as this world is, there are always dangers that surround it.

Below are 10 cities that are beautiful on the outside, but can be particularly dangerous on the inside for tourists.

Mexico (Juarez): Mexico is one of the most popular destinations to visit. They have beautiful beaches and endless Mayan culture that includes the Mayan Pyramid. They have delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine that will leave you wanting more. The resorts are the safest place to stay, but for those who want to explore all Mexico has to offer, you make yourself vulnerable to kidnappings, robberies, and carjackings. You might think that you will be safe with the police, but with all the organized crime that Mexico is involved with, safety can be at its minimum for tourists.

Russia (Karabash): With centuries of history and one of the world’s largest countries, Russia can be an inviting place to visit. With priceless artifacts and the home of some of the world’s greatest artists, it is a great place for anyone looking to broaden their horizon on the intellectual side. However, if you do decide to travel to Russia, make sure you avoid traveling to Karabash. That area has been known for its ongoing civil and political tension as well as criminal gang activity.

Thailand (Pattaya): With thousands of years worth of history present in their country, Thailand is one country that is on the majority of people’s bucket list. However, it can be dangerous to eat there, especially in Pattaya. As a tourist, you will want to try different types of foods, but because of the pollution and dirt that surrounds the city, eating the wrong thing will give you food poisoning and ruin your trip. It’s best to eat like the locals do.

Egypt (Cairo): With a history that dates back to 3150 BC, Egypt provides tourists with a rich culture that includes ancient deserts, unmatchable beaches with sand as white as snow and ancient pyramids that hold the lives of some of the most prolific leaders to ever walk the earth. Despite all that, tourists face the dangers of kidnapping and terrorist threats throughout the country and are advised not to leave the Cairo metropolitan area. The reason is that the country is constantly facing political instability, so the chances of violent protests are high.

Turkey (Ankara) Known for its beautiful beaches and incredible air balloon rides, Turkey is one of the most interesting places to visit because it is positioned in both Europe and Asia. But last year Turkey was the victim of 8 terrorist bombings, and some of those attacks occurred on popular tourist areas. So with the increased threat of terrorism, you might want to avoid visiting this country.

Philippines (Mindanao): Despite this country having stunning beaches and beautiful views of the mountains, traveling to the Philippines is not recommended. Terrorism is high in the Sulu Archipelago and Mindanao areas, and tourists and even Filipino-Americans have been the targets of gangs and kidnappings. But tourists have also been susceptible to pickpocketing and even credit card fraud.

Brazil (Sao Paulo): With breathtaking beaches and mesmerizing rainforests, Brazil is definitely a sight to see, but with the constant political battles, an increase in Zika virus cases and one of the world’s largest crime rates, Brazil can be a dangerous place to visit.

Kenya (Nairobi): Known for its snowy mountains, incredible wildlife that includes several animals that are endangered, Kenya is one country that many people want to knock off their bucket list. However, the US Department of State has issued a warning to avoid traveling to this country. Since 2013, the crime rate has risen, along with terrorist attacks in Nairobi, the coast and the border of Somalia.

Haiti (Port-Au-Prince): In 2010, Haiti was the victim of a devastating earthquake that left thousands dead, and millions homeless. So as they don’t get many tourists, they make up for that with Mission Trips – people who come and help with poverty and medicine. The country is still trying to rebuild itself and because of that living conditions are not ideal at the moment. Also, the Haitian police are understaffed and corrupt, making it extremely difficult for tourists to remain safe.

El Salvador (San Salvador): With political tension constantly on the rise, the violent protest rates have risen as well, specifically in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. If you are touring El Salvador, avoid these demonstrations because the law states that any foreigners who participate in political affairs regarding the country could be forced to leave. However, the beaches are beautiful, but you must be careful swimming in the ocean because the currents and undertows have been known to be extremely strong.

Venezuela (Caracas): This is one of the cheapest places to travel to. They have amazing landscapes that include the Andes Mountains. But with the recent increase in crime that has ravaged Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, this country is now known for the second-highest murder rate in the world. So avoid wearing anything expensive that would draw attention and leave you in a dangerous position.

United Arab Emirates (Dubai): This country offers a wide variety of cultural amenities. The food is delicious, the weather is amazing, and their nightlife is one giant party. But if you are a woman traveling to Dubai, there are many restrictions. First of all, women need to ensure that they are completely covered up if you are leaving your hotel. This will stop women from being sexually harassed or even stared at.