10+ People That Did Way Too Much Steroids

May 4, 2018

Steroids is a dangerous means of bulking up. While it gives quick results, they remain largely cosmetic without actually benefitting the body in any meaningful way. It eventually takes its toll on you much later on in life when the body is unable to handle all that excess supply of roid. At one point a person just keels over and collapses. But despite its negative health effects people continue to abuse steroids. Here are 15 pictures showing how dangerous it can be.

The brain

High testosterone use has been linked with extremely aggressive behavior which can increase the likelihood of violence. Other debilitating effects include depression, anxiety, euphoria and too much paranoia. Some people eventually become addicted to steroids, which can have dangerous consequences in the long run.

The face

Steroids increase the amount of water retained by their faces. This results in round, puffy cheeks. It also results in bad oral hygiene, resulting in bad breath. Female users have even reported their voice getting deeper overtime.

The eyes

It takes a significant impact on your eyes, damaging the cataracts and hampering vision. If you want to keep your vision for the long haul, then it is obviously advisable to stop taking steroids or you’ll end up requiring contacts and spectacles.


There is significant male pattern baldness in both males and females because too much testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The hair follicles shrink over time and eventually disappear entirely leading to permanent baldness, something which women should definitely try to avoid.

Torn muscles

Steroids boost the perceived ability of the body to lift heavier weights than is physically possible. This means there is greater likelihood of torn muscles and fractured tendons. This eventually results in permanent damage requiring the help of surgery.

Cardiovascular problems

The human heart is a sensitive organ and there is only so much that you can throw at it. Anabolic steroid abuse results in a variety of complications with the body’s cardiovascular system which can overtime result in heart strokes.


Abusers of anabolic steroids complain about feeling bloated and nauseated. Overtime this results in frequent bouts of vomiting blood and food. This is because the stomach lining and acid are being disturbed by ingesting too much steroids.


Acute kidney injury has been linked with steroids. Habitual use can result in serious harmful effects overtime resulting in debilitating diseases such as kidney stones and may require a visit to the emergency room. It also results in high blood pressure, damaging the blood vessels.


Steroids have been shown by research to cause irreparable levels of destruction to the liver. Steroids make it difficult for the liver to properly metabolise, this can lead to the inefficient filtering of waste products. Steroid users have suffered from jaundice as a result.

The chest

The last thing any man wants is for their chest to resemble female breasts. Also called gynocomastia, it is very common after high doses of steroids are used. Tissues begin to develop around the breasts, causing visible lumps which might require surgical removal.

Stunted growth

Teenagers young males in their early twenty have experienced stunted growth because steroids are known to impair the proper development of bones. The epiphyseal growth plates just shut off, preventing further growth. This can also result in mild pain.


This can result in roughness and pores on the skin. It creates red spots with acnes on the face. Because the muscles are growing so rapidly, bodybuilders also experience stretch marks on their skin. Jaundice can turn their skin yellow.

Decreased production of semen

The testes no longer create as much semen as they used to. This can eventually lead to erectile dysfunction and even impotency in some of the more severe cases. All that rapid muscular growth comes at the cost of their ability to reproduce.

Early death

This is the eventual fate of so many body builders who die into their early and late 30s. Prominent examples include Eddie Guererro whose sudden demise took the bodybuilding and wrestling industry by a storm. This eventually caused WWe to revamp their fitness programs.

Organ related failure

There are too many instances of organ related failures which result in their deaths. Andreas Munzer died from multiple organ failure at the age of 32. Trevor Smith, writer and coach weighed over 400 pounds and died of a heart attack at the age of 30.

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