10+ Crazy Pictures Of People Captured In Supermarket

April 18, 2018

Just make sure that whenever you step into a supermarket henceforth, do not look like this. Just don’t!

Just No

Not even in my wildest dreams would I want hair like that…

Not A Fashion Week

Someone needs to tell her that this isn’t a fashion week where she can dress and walk like this.

Just No

No Grandma. Not cool. Seriously No!


Ummmmm, excuse me? What is this?


And the award for the coolest dress in the super market goes to…


I’ve never cringed so hard in my life!

New Favorite…

Ohhhh wait, I think I have a new cringing favorite…

So Lazy…

This woman literally woke up, wrapped her bed sheet around and walked into shop!

In Reverse!

This woman has breasts in reverse!

Too Keen?

This woman seems a little too keen in showing her assets!

No Complaints!

Tighties not so whities! We aren’t even complaining!

Why? Just Why?

Why do people think that it is alright to dress up like this in public?