10 Celebrities Who Had The Courage To Go Unshaven In Front Of People

May 11, 2018

It is always a debatable issue whether females should go au naturel. It has become a contentious thing, especially in the recent past. Women are expected to be clean-shaven all the time. They are also expected to have waxing strips and razors in their bathroom. But, there are women who are very bold in their approach and broke all stereotypes by going au naturel.

One of the 2017’s hottest models Gigi Hadid recently went au naturel by keeping her armpits unshaven for the LOVE magazine’s advent calendar. By doing so, she triggered quite a debate all across the world. While few appreciated her bold looks, there were some who got offended by that and suggested the model to shave her armpits.

There is also a popular belief among partners that shaving all the time is unreasonable. They are positive about accepting a little bit of body hair. They feel that there is absolutely no need to shave all the time. However, there are bulk of people who shame females who go unshaven.

Take a look at 10 celebrities who flaunted their body hair without any qualms:


Madonna is an ultra-famous star and she is also known to break stereotypes more often than not. Madonna is one of those stars who appeared au naturel on quite a few occasions. She has absolutely no reservations about appearing unshaven on social media. She captioned the photograph, “Long hair…… Don’t Care!!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove.”

2.Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is one of the boldest actresses in America. She doesn’t hold herself back and always come with some of the boldest acts. She has already gained a reputation for being bold over the years. She is the one who also loves to flaunt her body hair. She had done it on quite a few occasions. She is shown in the picture unapologetically flaunting her pink armpits.

3.Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne is also one of those actresses who went au naturel by leaving her body unshaven. She is one of the bold actresses who surprised everyone with a picture where she flaunted her unshaven legs to everyone. She posted a snap of her leg hair captioned, “OK fine. I’ll shave.” She came across as the one who unapologetically leaves her body unshaven to her comforts.

4.Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is known for being a great body-positive role model. She cares very less what people say about her. She completely rejects the stereotypes and appears in a manner which she thinks is right for her. In an interview recently, she said, “Honey, I have a full bush. Period. It’s about your preference and your partner’s preference.”

5.Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one of the most daring celebrities who does all the different kinds of acts in the world. She always grabs eyeballs by doing something which is not common. She not only left the armpits unshaven but she also groomed it to look beautiful. This is one of the most well-groomed underarm hairs that one could ever see.

6.Amber Rose

We talk about daring acts of showing unshaven body hairs and this lady has gone up few notches when you consider that parameter. Most body hair positive celebrities have flaunted their armpit hairs but this Amber Rose has posted a picture of herself showing her pubic hair on Twitter and Instagram. Soon after the picture was posted, it was removed from Instagram. But, the picture got very popular on Twitter as it was retweeted more than 50,000 times.

“When IG deletes ur fire ass feminist post but you really don’t give a f*ck because everyone picked it up already #amberroseslutwalk #bringbackthebush” she wrote in reply to the social media website deleting her picture.


In a world which is so obsessed with the shaving of a female body, Mo’Nique came across as one of the most daring characters. She is having the courage to flaunt unshaven body on the red carpet. Mo’Nique showed off her leg fuzz at the Precious premiere. Later, she said that she was just “a hairy woman.”

8.Lourdes Leon

Queen of pop Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon followed her mother by when she decided to go unshaven. She shared a picture showing her armpits unshaven and social media went berserk after seeing this picture. But, her bold looks in the picture is a testimony that Leon cared least while she shared the picture on the internet. She shows that it is after all the personal choice when someone decides to go au naturel.

9.Jemima Kirke

No one has a doubt that Jemima Kirke is a pretty girl. She appeared in this picture as a very beautiful girl. But, when you have a close look at the picture, you will find that she has also gone au naturel and left her armpits unshaven. The pretty lady unapologetically flaunted her unshaven body hair to people in the picture. Got to say, very few have the courage to do so.

10.Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts was one of the daring actresses who cared less about what people will say. She went unshaven in 1999 when Instagram didn’t exist. She rightly showed to the world that women can also look beautiful with her hair during the premiere of Notting Hill in 1999. She did it well before the social media boom. She won accolades for her daring act though.